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Join the RCD at one of our Community Restoration Days or volunteer with your favorite local non-profit. Check our workshops & events page for various volunteer opportunities or visit the web links section for a list of natural resource conservation groups and environmental and agriculture non-profit organizations.

The Volunteers to Save Soquel Creek (VSSC) are a group of community members taking an active part in the restoration of Santa Cruz’s natural environment. Many of the county’s watersheds are home to a number of threatened and endangered species, some of which are found only here in Santa Cruz County. Native habitats are being threatened by invasive plant species brought into California. These invasive plants thrive in our Mediterranean climate and out-compete many of the native plants, creating a blanket of invasives that shade out all other plant life and erase native habitat from the area. The removal of these invasive plants will allow native vegetation to re-colonize, improving habitat for native flora and fauna. The VSSC will spend field work days controlling and eradicating priority invasive plants. Local projects along the lower branch of Soquel Creek will be the initial sites as they are known to be habitat for threatened steelhead trout and are in need of continued restoration.

If interested, you can sign up to our volunteer contact list.

The VSSC is co-sponsored by the Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County.

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George McMenamin, Restoration Consultant:

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