Project Permitting

Many large and small scale conservation projects require permits from a number of local, State, and even Federal agencies. Navigating the permit process can be costly, confusing, frustrating, and time consuming. That process of applying for, obtaining, and paying for permits has been recognized as a significant barrier for farmers and landowners wanting to implement voluntary conservation measures. The RCD has expertise in securing the permits landowners may need before starting work. The RCD can help landowners secure required permits, including permits issued by the County of Santa Cruz, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Regional Water Quality Control Board, the Army Corps of Engineers and the California Coastal Commission. Some common projects that may require permits include removing obstructions or debris from creeks and streams, stabilizing eroding land, including gullies and streambanks, and improving rural roads. Permits are almost always required when:

  • Working in or near a waterway, riparian area, or wetland.
  • Grading land or clearing vegetation
  • Working in any area where endangered species may be affected.

In addition to providing technical assistance with securing permits, the RCD has developed two programs that streamline project permitting to speed the process and substantially decrease the cost for some projects.

Partners in Restoration Permit Coordination program (PIR) which provides a “one-stop-shop” for permitting 15 different types of conservation projects that meet certain guidelines and specifications, thereby removing the time, cost, and complexity of individual project review.

Forest Health and Fire Resiliency Public Works Plan (PWP) which provides cost-effective, programmatic permitting for forest health and fuels management projects to reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfire and improve ecological conditions for forests, woodlands, and grasslands specifically within the coastal zone. A PWP is a programmatic alternative to project-by-project review for projects that otherwise would require individual coastal development permits. Read more about the RCD’s PWP here.

Contact the RCD for assistance.

Conservation benefit: Help landowners and land managers to voluntarily implement conservation, forest health and fuels management projects by reducing the time, cost, and complexity of project permitting.

California Coastal Commission
California State Parks
County of Santa Cruz
National Marine Fisheries Service
Regional Water Quality Control Board
San Mateo Resource Conservation District
US Army Corps of Engineers
US Fish and Wildlife Service
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

United State Environmental Protection Agency
Regional Water Resources Control Board
County of Santa Cruz

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RCD Contacts:
PIR and other: Kelli Camara
PWP: Matt Abernathy

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