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WATSONVILLE - The Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency announced Wednesday it was one of four regional groundwater management agencies to receive grant funding from the California Department of Conservation. The recharge net metering and Stormwater Basin Incentive Program, led by the Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County and UC Santa Cruz, is one of the projects funded through the grant.

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POst Fire Camp clipOn behalf of the Girl Scouts of Northern California, the RCDSCC invites contractors to bid on the Camp Skylark Hazrd Tree Removal and Forest Health Project, a 37-acre fuels reduction project permitted through the Skylark Ranch Forest Health Project Specific Analysis (PSA). See documents below. The project treatment will improve habitat conditions and ecosystem function of the vegetation communities within the treatment area and increase safety, which would allow the camp to resume operations.

Quarry road culvert projectThe RCDSCC invites contractors to bid on the Quarry Road Culvert Replacement Project. The project will help to improve water quality in the San Lorenzo River Watershed by reducing sediment loading through the improvments to private road infrastructure.

news 2022 02Work started last week to create a shaded fuel break along the Fall Creek Truck Trail in the Fall Creek Unit of Henry Cowell State Park. This approximately 62-acre project will enhance forest health, improve emergency access, and create more favorable conditions during fire suppression activities. Crews will be reducing the amount of fuel load on the ground, strategically thinning understory vegetation, and removing dead and dying trees that pose a safety hazard. A number of the standing and downed dead trees will be retained for wildlife habitat.

news 2022 02The Resource Conservation District (RCD) of Santa Cruz County is excited to announce our Spring 2023 No-Cost Community Chipping Program. The program is available to Santa Cruz County residents who live in areas, defined as the Wildland Urban Interface, that have the potential for wildfire to impact their properties. Pre-registration opens on April 1st at 6:00 AM and goes through April 30th. Chipping starts May 9th. Residents who live in recognized FireWise neighborhoods get early bird registration starting March 25th.

An informational Zoom meeting about how to participate in the the program will be held on Wednesday, March 29 at 6:00 PM. Click HERE for more information or to register.

This program is funded through grants from CalFire.

news 2022 02On October 27, Senator John Laird provided welcoming remarks to a large group gathered at Cal Poly’s Swanton Pacific Ranch in Davenport, California to celebrate a huge achievement in the Scott Creek Coastal Resiliency project. The completion of the Project Initiation Document or PID is a key step that officially kicks off the critical environmental review process. The meeting provided a venue for the many stakeholders to connect and catalyze as a group to build on the partnership, strike while the iron is hot, and carry this project all the way forward to implementation to achieve the shared vision and provide a model for collaborative coastal resilience planning.

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