Livestock and Land

Nutrients, pathogens and sediments from livestock facilities are pollutants of concern in watersheds throughout California. This pollution critically impacts our drinking water, recreation areas, fisheries health and flora and fauna habitat. Better management of manure and drainage on properties that house livestock can lessen these pollutants.

The Livestock and Land program strives to teach Best Management Practices (BMPs) to area livestock and equine owners by providing educational publications, workshops and hands-on trainings. The program helps landowners wanting to construct conservation projects on their properties. Additional services, made available through the RCD partnership with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), include free on-site consultations and technical assistance. The NRCS has been a key partner in the delivery and development of this program.

Last year we were fortunate to attend a Livestock and Land workshop that helped us understand different concepts for better managing our land. With both financial and technical assistance from the Resource Conservation District and our local USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service office we were able to put into place a plan to benefit our cattle, improve the efficiency of our operation, and protect the environment. - Tashana Burke, Burke Ranch

The RCD can provide services related to the following practices:

  • Composting
  • Drainage
  • Mud and manure management
  • Pasture management

The benefits to your property or ranch by incorporating BMPS include:

  • Enrich animal health
  • Ease operations
  • Enhance land aesthetics
  • Improve safety
  • Reduce flies
  • May increase property value
  • Improve local air and water quality
  • Boost neighborhood relationships

More information on these practices can be found at

Contact the RCD for assistance.

Conservation benefit: Immediate and lasting water quality and watershed improvements by helping livestock owners to implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) on their properties.

County of Santa Cruz
Ecology Action
Multiple Resource Conservation Districts
Natural Resource Conservation Service

Funders (current & past):
County of Santa Cruz
Natural Resource Conservation Service
Regional Water Quality Control Board
US Environmental Protection Agency

Livestock and Land Resources

RCD Contact: Angie Gruys

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