The RCDSCC invites contractors to bid on the Fall Creek Truck Trail (FCTT) Shaded Fuel Break Project, a 62-acre forest health project. This project will create a shaded fuel break by removing small trees (less than 8 inches DBH), underbrush and low hanging limbs on trees within treatment boundary of the FCTT. Large, healthy trees greater than 8 inches Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) will be retained, while dead and dying trees greater than 8 inches DBH may be removed as directed by the removal mark. The majority of cut material will be masticated onsite to a depth of between 6 and 8 inches. Where feasible, burn piles will be created in areas where handwork is required in addition to or in place of mechanical treatment. Burn pile locations may be marked out by a Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR) representative. For larger material where mastication or burn pile creation are not feasible, lop and scatter may be used for biomass.

See documents below.

news 2022 05The Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County (RCD), in partnership with the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (RTC), the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), and Cal Poly-Swanton Pacific Ranch (CalPoly )[collectively referred to as the Steering Team], and the Integrated Watershed Restoration Program’s (IWRP) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), is soliciting proposals from qualified consulting firms to perform technical analyses in support of the Scott Creek Coastal Resiliency Project (the Project).

news 2022 05The RCDSCC invites contractors to bid on the Last Chance Road Forest Health Project, a 27-acre ecological restorative project permitted through the Last Chance Road Forest Health Project Specific Analysis (PSA). See documents below. The project treatment will improve the health and continuation of natural regeneration of the Ano Nuevo Monterey pine stand, one of three endemic Monterey pine stands in California.


news 2022 05The RCDSCC invites contractors to bid on the Phase 1 Summit Road Shaded Fuel Break. See documents below for the Phase 1 Summit Road Shaded Fuel Break, a 3-mile, Cal FIRE funded fire prevention project along Summit Road which runs along a ridgeline spanning Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties. The project treatment is in a high fire hazard severity area and improve safety for people and structures, create a strategic anchor point for firefighting activities, as well as improve safe egress for community members in case of a wildfire evacuation.

news 2022 05The RCDSCC invites contractors to bid on the Quarry Road Culvert Replacement Project. The project will help to improve water quality in the San Lorenzo River Watershed by reducing sediment loading through the implementation of Best Management Practices.

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