Tuesday, 01 November 2022

Local Santa Cruz County Agriculture Expert to be Recognized for his Leadership on Climate Change

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Sacha Lozano, program manager for the Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County (RCD), was selected for the 2022 Climate & Agriculture Leadership Award by California Climate and Agricultural Networks (CalCAN). The awards go to individuals who have made outstanding contributions in their fields to accelerate a transition to a healthy, just and climate-resilient farming system, and who have also demonstrated the ability to collaborate across disciplines and approach their work holistically.

“This recognition came as a big surprise,” Lozano said, “and it gives me great encouragement to continue doing my part in addressing the challenges of our global climate crisis through local action and collaboration with farmers. I feel very honored and motivated.”

Lozano joined the Santa Cruz RCD in 2011. Since then, he has been actively engaged in hands-on collaborative work with local communities, ag industry leaders, individual producers, non-profits, academic researchers, and public agencies to advance environmental stewardship in agriculture along California’s central coast and beyond. During the past 10+ years managing multiple ag-related projects, he has cultivated partnerships and addressed barriers to provide technical assistance, education and outreach to growers (in English and Spanish), focusing on soil erosion control, irrigation and nutrient management, soil health, water quality protection, climate change mitigation, and carbon farming planning. At the RCD Sacha has found fertile ground to promote inclusion of historically disadvantaged demographic groups and balance multiple perspectives when addressing complex natural resource conservation issues. His collaborative work with CalCAN has helped to advance sustainable agriculture and climate policy.

“Over the past decade Sacha has built trust and partnerships to support growers in advancing innovative solutions for climate resilient agriculture, from increasing carbon sequestration in soils, to conserving limited water supplies,” stated Lisa Lurie, RCD Executive Director. “This award recognizes his career of service to our local community, his impact in addressing critical, statewide priorities for conservation, and his commitment to improving equity and inclusion in the field.”

The awards will be presented on November 14, 2022 at the 7th California Climate and Agriculture Summit is taking place in Davis, CA. Thought leaders in sustainable agriculture and climate change will come together to grapple with the challenges facing California's farmers and ranchers in the face of climate change, and to share success stories and innovations for curbing climate change and ensuring the long-term viability of our food system.

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