Wednesday, 26 August 2020

The Resource Conservation District is here in service to help heal the community by healing the land

Davidson 2008 13As firefighters continue to make progress containing the wildfires that burn across our beloved Santa Cruz Mountains, our hearts are with those serving on the front lines, as well as those affected and displaced. Amidst the grief, the outpouring of community support to lift one another up has been inspiring. It is this strength of community that will pull us through, together. And as we begin to think beyond crisis response to recovery, know that the Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County (RCD) is here in service to help heal the community by healing the land. We are coordinating with local, state, and federal partners to put in place critical information and technical assistance for post-fire watershed recovery across the affected area. We are working with our partners to gear up and prepare various resources for when those evacuated by the fire are able to safely return to their land.

We’re here to help.

Working closely with our federal partner, the UDSA Natural Resources Conservation Service, our services include:

    • On-site technical and planning services for landowners and land managers to assess landscape conditions and recommend appropriate actions concerning potential harmful debris runoff, erosion and drainage issues, stream impacts, tree health, winter preparedness, etc.
  • Private road and culvert assessments looking at safety and erosion and drainage concerns.
  • Permit assistance for post-fire natural resource conservation and recovery actions such as debris removal, stream bank protection, hillslope stability and drainage infrastructure repairs and upgrades.
  • Help for agricultural, forest, and rural landowners with finding and navigating potential funding resources for post-fire natural resource protection. 
  • Providing a library of post-fire recovery publications, which will be updated regularly and facilitating outreach and educational events.

Additionally, in collaboration with the Fire Safe Council of Santa Cruz County, the RCD continues to offer education and assistance programs for ongoing wildfire preparedness activities needed across the county, like the chipping program to support defensible space creation, and ongoing implementation of fuels management projects such as shaded fuel breaks.

As a local public agency, the RCD staff and board share in the loss that these fires have had on our community. We also share a commitment to working hand-in-hand with you, our neighbors and partners, in the recovery of our community and the natural resources that shape and support our way of life.

For more information visit the fire prevention and post-fire recovery page on our web site, or contact Angie Gruys by email or (831) 419-8710.

In service and resilience,

Lisa Lurie

Executive Director
Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County

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