Monday, 30 November 2015

Water Tour Highlights Using the Landscape for Stormwater Management

The RCD in partnership with the Coastal Watershed Council hosted a tour of the new Heart of Soquel Plaza Park (HOS) and the Soquel Creek Water District Headquarters. With winter upon us, the tour highlighted stormwater management features at both locations that help slow down, spread out, and sink stormwater back into the ground or save it for later use.

The HOS project includes a community open plaza with permeable pavers that allow water to infiltrate through and back into the ground. It incorporates bioswales for capturing stormwater runoff into a beautiful open space.  Creekside restoration and a walkway along the top bank of Soquel Creek are other features of the new park.

The Soquel Creek Water District has a 2850 gallon cistern that captures water from their roof and uses it to irrigate a drought tolerant landscape. Additional roof runoff and overflow from the cistern is routed to a large rain garden—a shallow depression planted with vegetation that can tolerate both wet and dry conditions. One additional downspout drains to a rocked area that diguises an underground infiltration system. Both of these last two features help filter and clean runoff and  promote groundwater infiltration when sited over a ground water basin.

Residents and business interested in installing these features can download a copy of the RCD Slow it, Spread it, Sink it! resource guide. Local water district or the RCD may offer rebates for some of these features.

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