Blue Circle

The motto of the Santa Cruz County Blue Circle is “People Having Fun with Watersheds”

The first Blue Circle was organized by the Resource Conservation District (RCD) and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in 1996 as a way for local agencies, units of government, special interest groups, and concerned citizens to meet and exchange views on natural resource issues affecting residents living in the County’s watersheds. The RCD and NRCS believed that traditional approaches to addressing complex watershed issues were not working. In some cases, the RCD found many organizations and agencies at cross purposes with one another and some that were actually duplicating efforts. The Blue Circle concept was designed to help prevent duplication, break down institutional barriers, improve communication, and essentially humanize (and make fun) the process of creating a strong working relationship between all watershed stakeholders, including local agencies and units of government. The Blue Circle recognizes that social values and perspectives are very much apart of watershed stewardship and that is why, along with interesting presentations on a variety of watershed topics, there is a social “mixer”, complete with food, beverage, information tables form local organizations and a silent auction at every Blue Circle event. Events are held once or twice per year.

At every other meeting we recognize locals who go above and beyond in their “water work” with the Blue Circle Watershed Champion Awards. Awardees are nominated by their peers and receive a coveted hand made trophy constructed of all recycled materials.

The Blue Circle is not political, nor does it endorse, support, or lobby any issue in any form. There are no meeting minutes or summaries, annual or long-term plans, or tasks to complete. In addition, all Blue Circle gatherings are held in interesting locations such as: art galleries and museums to help improve attendance and offer a more stimulating atmosphere for more effective interaction and communication.

The RCD continues to organize and host the Blue Circle meetings. If you are a local natural resource or water related resource professional, contact the RCD to be added to the mailing and invite list.

Conservation benefit: Healthier watersheds through stronger human relationships.

Who attends?
People living, working, and having fun in watersheds!
Including: City, County and State Parks
Conservation Organizations
Education Institutions
Government Agencies
Farmers and Ranchers
Natural Resource Professionals
Water Districts
Working Lands Managers

RCD Contact: Angie Gruys

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