Assistance for Licensed Cannabis Growers

Legalization of cannabis has driven changes in land use and environmental management in Santa Cruz County. Commercial cannabis growers seeking a licensure must adhere to requirements from several agencies that help to protect our soil, water and wildlife resources.

Santa Cruz County watersheds drain into the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. They provide critical ecosystem services to local human and wildlife populations, including habitat for many protected species, flood protection, and clean water supply. Efficient crop production practices are necessary to avoid negative impacts to watersheds from nutrients, sediment, and other activities associated with crop production. Because Santa Cruz County is entirely dependent on local sources of water, irrigation efficiency is an important part of cannabis production.

RCD provides legal cannabis growers with confidential site visits and technical assistance to plan and implement best management practices that protect the watershed, support growers with regulatory compliance requirements, and improve the efficiency of their production practices while optimizing yields.

The RCD offers assistance with planning and implementation of best management practices that protect soil and water resources to licensed and permitted cannabis growers in Santa Cruz County. We can help growers improve efficiency and with environmental compliance including:

Assistance with the GRASS - C self-certification program

Contact the RCD for assistance.

Conservation benefit: Helping licensed cannabis growers identify and implement best management practices to protect soil, water and wildlife resources in their watershed.

California Association of Resource Conservation Districts
Resources Legacy Fund

Resources Legacy Fund

Licensed Cannabis Resource Libary

RCD Contact: Dan Hermstad

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