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Agriculture in the Pajaro Valley is nearly wholly dependent on irrigation. Being disconnected from the large infrastructure projects that move water around the state means that irrigation water must come from underground aquifers. Unfortunately, after decades of use and overuse, the aquifer lying beneath the Pajaro Valley has been classified as ‘critically overdrafted’. This means that more water is pumped out of the aquifer than is put back in. This leads to reduced water quality and saltwater intrusion – a process in which seawater replaces the groundwater that previously existed. The RCD’s water conservation efforts work to bring balance back to the hydrology that supports our local agricultural community.

The RCD actively supports local agriculture to sustainably manage groundwater supply and achieve our conservation goals. The goal for the Pajaro Valley is to conserve 5,000 acre-feet of water per year, primarily through improved irrigation efficiency. We partner with the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency, UC Cooperative Extension, the Natural Resources Conservation Service and others to help to support growers in their efforts to increase irrigation efficiency by improving the operation of their system and optimizing scheduling.

Experts at the RCD are available to provide FREE technical assistance and irrigation trainings to growers, ranch managers and irrigators. There is also financial assistance through grants and other programs to cover the costs of replacing old or less efficient irrigation equipment with more efficient equipment, and to cover costs for growers to trial new, more efficient practices.

Types of direct assistance available to growers include:

  • Irrigation system efficiency evaluations
  • Expert recommendations to improve the design and management of the irrigation system
  • Financial assistance including
    • Rebates and cost-share assistance from PV Water to implement expert-recommendations, and to trial new irrigation practices
    • NRCS financial assistance
    • Assistance applying for grants
  • Irrigation monitoring
  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • Irrigator trainings on drip or sprinkler systems, in groups or individually
  • Workshops and trainings on many topics based on grower interests
  • Nutrient management assistance may also be included with irrigation efficiency assistance, depending on the grower’s goals

Assistance is provided in both English and Spanish.

Would you like to schedule a field consult, or get more information? Contact us or Call (831) 464-2950 x10.

Contact the RCD for assistance.

Conservation benefit: Supports long-term groundwater sustainability by reducing groundwater pumping and protects water quality by reducing runoff of water, nutrients and sediment

Natural Resource Conservation Service
Pajaro Valley Groundwater Management Agency
UC Cooperative Extension

Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency
California Department of Food and Agriculture

Ag Resources Library

RCD Contact: Dan Hermstad

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