Robert Ketley

robert ketleyDirector

Robert Ketley was born in London during the swinging 60s. His parents were both “hip” artists. Not surprisingly, Robert went on to obtain a science degree. Following college, Robert pursued a career selling drugs (for a German pharmaceutical firm) and subsequently as a Porsche mechanic. Neither choice worked out very well.

In 1986 Robert immigrated to California. His first job involved being lowered into San Jose's storm drains. Robert discovered he had a bright future in sewers. Over the next few years Robert went on to manage a pretreatment program and implement a municipal stormwater program. He even secured the glamorous position of “head garbage guy” for the City of Watsonville.

Robert has worked closely with federal, state and local governments on a variety of environmental issues such as stormwater , harmful algal blooms, climate change and hazardous wastes. When he isn't working, Robert likes to fly fish in the Monterey Bay surf.

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